Director of Care Message — Cathrine Klomp

Hi everyone,

Many of the residents are rejoicing in new freedom following the last COVID lock down. It is wonderful to see happy families walking in the park and others going out for dinner. It is timely to consider the benefits of reconnecting with family and friends.

During 2020, many of us felt the effects of social isolation at some point throughout the year. This includes residents, families and staff, so taking the time to reconnect now is extremely important.

The effects of social isolation can take their toll and we have considered how we might assist our community with reconnecting.

Research suggests that taking care of something can relieve social isolation; even taking care of a garden can provide motivation. This month we have commenced new gardening sessions on the verandah and courtyards. The new garden boxes have been purchased and many residents are interested and assisting with the setting up of these new garden beds.

Another strategy to reduce social isolation is learning something new. We have commenced a new session for residents to learn to play the drums. We believe that everyone is capable of learning something new and exercising and playing the drums at the same time is certainly a fun way to learn how to play an instrument.

Finally, exercise can also assist our residents to relax and regain their vitality; we have increased the walks in the park to include extra afternoon walks. This also helps the residents that like to sleep in and miss the morning walk. Reconnecting with our community will involve inviting people in and the residents also being able to move out again and resume their old interests.

On behalf of the Kew Gardens team, I would like to thank the residents and relatives for their understanding and support and we look forward to successfully reconnecting with our beloved community this year.

Best wishes
– Cathrine.

Mar 30, 2021