Director of Care Message – Cathrine Klomp

Hi everyone,

In my last message I said 2020 promised to be an exciting year for Kew Gardens. Now, I say be careful what you wish for!

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, we were enjoying wonderful visits from the kindergarten children visiting on Wednesdays, there were some lovely friendships starting to blossom between our residents and the children before we had to enforce lockdown rules. The kindergarten teacher has set up Skype, so that we can continue chatting with our new friends. The Alexandra Gardens was fundamental to the kindergarten visits, as well as the residents’ walks, and we are thrilled that they have finally reopened.

It is great pleasure to advise you that that we have welcomed Karen Millar to our team as our new Lifestyle Manager. Karen has worked tirelessly to adapt the programme which includes many new activities that were not part of the lifestyle calendar before. There have been Skype concerts with musicians performing music on the large screen, our residents have thoroughly enjoyed this just as much as if they were performing live at our facility.

We have also commenced playing bridge and bingo, which the residents have enthusiastically embraced.

I have remained in constant contact with families and residents over this challenging time. Their advice has been uplifting, supportive and helpful. Many residents have said that the maintenance of their relationships with their loved ones is most important thing to help them get through isolation.

We have put supplementary arrangements in place to support families and friends including Skype calls, window visits and compassionate visitation.

Many of the residents were bewildered and a little saddened about missing Anzac Day remembrance services at Kew Gardens this year. However, we endeavoured to assist them to remember in their own special ways. We had two services one on each floor on Anzac Day and many of the residents attended these to remember all the soldiers who had fallen.

We are all looking forward to better days ahead which I, along with our very patient residents, are sure aren’t far away!

Cathrine Klomp

Director of Care

Jun 26, 2020