Our Intergenerational Program also included monthly meetings via Zoom with retired Doctors, Interns and our Residents.

Last month’s July meeting comprised of three retired doctors, four Interns, our Residents as well as guest speaker, Professor Louis Roller, who did a presentation on “The Effects of Music on Wellbeing”.

Professor Louis Roller PhD, FPS, has been a pharmacy educator at Monash University since 1963. He was variously the Associate Dean Teaching (1992-2006) of the faculty, head of department of pharmacy practice (1992-2001), director of the bachelor pharmacy program until his retirement from the University in December 2008.

He has served on the Pharmacy Board of Victoria for 22 years and PSA Victorian Committee for the last six years.

He has contributed significantly to the last nine editions of the APF, as well as being on various writing committees of the Therapeutic Guidelines; the “Australianised” and upgraded large sections of Mosby’s Medical Dictionary.

He was the first academic to push for and achieve a more patient-oriented course of pharmacy. He has and still teaches varying aspects of therapeutics to pharmacy, dental, medical, podiatry and nursing students, gives lectures to various professional organisations and particularly CPD lectures and workshops to pharmacists.

He gives many pro bono lectures on issues of health-care and medicines to various University of the Third Age (U3A) groups.

Our Residents were very interactive during Professor Roller’s presentation and expressed how much they enjoyed the meeting this month. Thank you to Professor Roller for delivering such an informative and entertaining colloquium!

Aug 3, 2020 | Kew Gardens