Kew Gardens Celebrates Sydney 2000 Olympics… 20 Years On!

“I touched the wall and all my dreams, hopes and ambitions basically coalesced into one moment” – Duncan Armstrong on winning Olympic gold.

Friday 24th July marked the date that the world would have celebrated the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games prior to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep the Games’ spirit alive, Kew Gardens decided to look back 20 years at Australia’s Sydney 2000 event, famously celebrated as “the best Olympic Games ever”, where many Aussie top athletes exceeded expectations winning many medals.

Not short on our own muscle power and a champion in ‘years’, we invited Centenarian, Professor Ron Taft, to officially open our Mini Olympics.

The Games kicked off with a torch relay around the corridors with many residents doing honorary laps with staff members joining in on the fun as well.

The sporting categories comprised of Golf, Bowls, Quoits, Table Tennis and Darts. The competition was fierce throughout all skills and our residents who competed gave it their all!

The famous five rings inspired a wonderful day of competition and prizes were awarded to our stoic athletes.

We concluded the day with an official closing ceremony accompanied by a sumptuous afternoon tea to reward our good sports!

Sep 18, 2020