Knit a Square Challenge

A year 10 student from MLC, Lola Tichabaev, is taking part in the ‘Knit a Square Challenge’ and asked our residents from Kew Gardens to participate.

The ‘Knit a Square’ challenge is a program that provides vulnerable and orphaned kids in South Africa with homemade products that will keep them warm. This challenge involves knitting 20cm x 20cm squares that will be transformed into various items like beanies and blankets for these kids.

The special project was embraced by Kew Gardens during this challenging time to help counteract the isolation period brought on by COVID-19.

Being in isolation doesn’t mean you have to be lonely and our wonderful residents were very keen to be part of this amazing project and keep themselves busy!

These are some potential benefits:

  • Many Squares are knitted for the cause
  • Kew Garden residents participate in something that will help the wider community
  • Potentially a new skill or hobby for some residents
  • Mental Health and physical fitness of the residents is increased
  • Residents are kept occupied throughout this isolation period
  • The Children in South Africa will have many more warm blankets!

We will be introducing many new initiatives and programs over the second part of this year, so stay tuned for some more exciting updates soon!

Jul 10, 2020