Remember we are all just a Skype call away….

We know how challenging this year has been for our wonderful residents and their resilient families, as well as our own dedicated staff members. It has been a year like no other and one that has tested our ability to stay in contact with each other.

A silver lining has been that we are living in the age of modern technology with sophisticated IT platforms in place, such as Skype communication.

In the lead up to these current lockdown measures, we could congregate within ISO restrictions and chat with others outside of the facility. This allowed us to remember that – even though at a distance – we have the ability to laugh and talk with our loved ones any time we want to. It may be just a simple pleasure but at least we have it available to use right now.

As we fulfil the current lockdown procedures communicated to you on a daily basis this week, please remember you and your loved ones have access to Skype communication and we are here at the ready to help make it happen.

You can still have all those important conversations you would have had before COVID-19 imposed and there’s no need to postpone these discussions. However, in time, we shall return to the ol’ fashioned, face-to-face ‘chat’ but, for now, please don’t forget to embrace modern technology and remember that the Skype’s the limit!

Aug 24, 2020