Lifestyle Fun!

Men’s Business: Our Kew Gardens Men meet each Friday afternoon to enjoy the company of… well… Men! Not sure what is discussed at these get-togethers… as it’s just “Men’s Business”!

Coffee Club: These sessions are spent enjoying the beautiful weather – just chilling out and reading the newspaper!

Floral Arranging: Our residents participate together in creating lovely flower arrangements that are then placed on
each dining room table for all to enjoy.

RetroJo: One of our most popular entertainers, RetroJo, was able to come in for a live concert recently. What a

Garden Walks: Residents enjoyed the Alexandra Gardens before Winter was upon us, enjoying the beautiful leaves
before the season changed.

Gardening: Both the Courtyard gardens are looking magical after busily planting new seedlings in the lovely
weather before Winter well and truly kicked in!

Jul 15, 2021