Our Resident Author Dr Maurie Balson

Dr Maurie Balson has been a Kew Gardens resident for a number of years.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that he is also an acclaimed author of two books; one which was entitled “Becoming Better Parents” and was a best seller for many years.

Over the latest COVID lockdown, Dr Balson has been assisting parents and expectant parents to consider some of
his strategies, as defined by the extensive research done for his novels.

Our Physiotherapists believe Dr Balson was definitely ahead of his time! They have explained that Dr Balson’s book
emphasises the values of respecting children and treating them as equals and allowing them to learn by the consequences of their own behaviours.

This in turn fosters cooperation and a shared responsibility between the parent and child.

The encouragement process is vital as every misbehaving child is also a discouraged child.

In a challenging world, Dr Balson’s approach of positive reinforcement is a lesson for us all!

Jul 15, 2021