The Gardens Gazette – CEO Message

Dear residents, relatives and friends, I hope this message finds you well, as Winter settles in. We continue to watch
various COVID-19 clusters appear in different communities nation-wide.

Positively speaking, Victoria has come through our earlier challenges very well, whilst other States are only beginning to tailor their own responses to the recent threats.

As always, we remain committed to our local community’s safety and we will continue to ensure that we follow all Government health advice and our own organisational protocols to keep our residents, their families, and staff safe
moving forward.

On a lighter note, sport in Australia has been moving State-to-State (and even countries!) to continue playing matches. Watching our favourite teams battle it out week-to-week gives us some sort of continuity in this unusual
environment. I hope your team is winning, whether it be in ALF, NRL, Tennis or any other sport committed to giving us some muchneeded entertainment!

I continue to thank our own dedicated Kew Gardens winning team who are resilient and also committed to providing our residents with the best care and lifestyle opportunities available, whist working in this ever-changing COVID-19 world.

You can see the camaraderie shared between our staff and residents in this edition, as they continue to have lots of fun keeping the vibrant Kew Gardens’ spirit alive and well!

Best Wishes,
Edward Matthies

Jul 15, 2021