Kew Gardens Aged Care Melbourne

The Trusted Name and Provider in Premium Residential Aged Care in Melbourne.

As part of the Australian Aged Care Group Pty Ltd, we have been providing aged care services to Australia since the 1960s. Our Kew Gardens Extra Service residential care facility provides exceptional care built on solid foundations. We strive to ensure our residents maintain a strong connection with the surrounding community while receiving high quality aged care services.

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The Trusted Name in Aged Care Facilities in Melbourne

Who We Are

We are an Extra Service aged care facility in Melbourne, providing a premium aged care service in a luxurious and nurturing environment that ensures the residents feel they’re at home.

We believe in the continual development of mind, body and spirit of each and every resident that comes to live at one of our facilities. Every resident is treated with dignity and respect with their identity, culture and diversity valued.

All our facilities operate at the highest level of standards and set the benchmark for the industry, nation-wide.


We engage with our immediate community, ensuring residents have exposure to local highlights, events and celebrations throughout the calendar year. Each resident is supported to exercise their choice and independence.

The evolution of our family-run company extends its connectivity and values to everyone affiliated with AACG – residents, family members, staff, volunteers and advocates. We are united in pursuing the common goal of achieving the ultimate level of health and happiness for all our residents. To live with us, you will genuinely experience the difference in quality aged care.

Our Aged Care Services


Our Melbourne residential aged care residences are second to none. Kew Gardens is an Extra Service Facility, which means we maintain a higher staff to resident ratio than regular facilities. Our registered nurses are committed to delivering premium, individually-focused aged care, based on an intimate knowledge of each resident’s personal care requirements.

We believe in the concept of ‘ageing in place’, which means we provide a comprehensive range of care services. We understand that aged care requirements are dependent on the individual so we aim to be flexible and responsive to each and every one of our resident’s needs and their level of care. You can be sure that Kew Gardens will provide the best quality care.

At Kew Gardens Aged Care in Melbourne, we offer a range of services including:

  • Diversional Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry, massage and aromatherapy
  • Dementia specific programs 
  • Dieticians

In addition to the above, at Kew Gardens Aged Care Melbourne, we have a choice of doctors who are also available. 

High Care

High Care is available to ACAT assessed people who require almost complete assistance with daily living activities such as eating, cleaning, mobility and dressing. 

Respite Care

Respite Care ensures you receive continued support, if your usual carer is unavailable for a short period of time. This allows primary caregivers to take some time to focus on their health and wellbeing.

Dementia Care

Dementia Care supports people living with dementia and is provided by caregivers who are fully trained to care for someone with dementia. Dementia Care offers daily assistance with activities like physical activity, sundowning and support for challenging behaviours.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care involves providing residents with relief from pain and symptoms of a chronic illness. Palliative Care centres around the resident and their family, to maximise their quality of life.

Senior Lifestyle Services

Our Kew Gardens residential aged care facility also provides great lifestyle and entertainment services. Kew Gardens catering services are top class. The residents of Kew Gardens are presented with an à la carte-style menu using the freshest local produce, where they are able to choose their meal and be served by our attentive team. We also have a special Alfresco Café and Bar, as well as a private dining room where our residents can enjoy fine dining to entertain guests or celebrate a special occasion.

In addition to our catering services, we place a strong emphasis on our residents’ wellbeing. Kew Gardens provides a fully equipped gymnasium and physiotherapy room, a massage and beauty therapy room and a chapel.

Kew Gardens also provides our very own concierge car service for our residents. Our residents can enjoy a level of independence that is hard to come by in other aged care homes.

Providing aged care services to Australia since the 1960s.

Our Kew Gardens aged care facility also provides great lifestyle and entertainment services.


“My dad has been living at Kew Gardens for over a year now.

My sister and I are very happy with all aspects of the care he receives.

The staff are kind, sensitive, welcoming and patient. Catherine, Christine, Kevin and all the staff go out of their way to be supportive of both us and dad.

Each resident is treated like a family member and looked after with respect. Kew Gardens is a special community.

There are a number of wonderful weekly activities. Dad particularly enjoys the music program, which runs most days in the afternoon. He also enjoys happy hour on Fridays! The staff and residents inject a sense of fun into all activities and events.

The environment is very well maintained; the facility is always clean and there are fresh flowers every week.

I am very pleased that dad has the support he needs and is able to be cared for so beautifully.”

– Nance Frawley (Relative)

“A huge thank you to everyone at Kew Gardens Aged Care for the warm, loving and compassionate care you gave to our mother.

Kew Gardens gave our mum a safe and happy, caring and gentle second family.”

– Angela and Toula Watt

Where to Begin

Every aged care facility has their own application process. More broadly, the process can involve the following:

1. Eligibility 

An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment can determine whether a person is eligible for entry into aged care homes, and provides information on the kind of care the person requires. Without an ACAT assessment, entry into an aged care facility is not permitted.

To get an ACAT assessment, you can contact ACAT, your doctor, a health centre or a local hospital to provide a referral to an ACAT near you. For more information, visit https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/

2. Find the right home

Consulting family, friends, your doctor, social workers and ACATs can help you locate a suitable aged care facility such as Kew Gardens. Consider visiting residential aged care facilities near you, to find one that suits your needs and matches your priorities. Make a checklist prior to visiting the homes and write notes about each home as a reference to make your decision easier.

Aged care residents at Kew Gardens Aged Care in Melbourne can choose from a range of services, including accommodation, daily meals and special features like a day spa and a fully equipped gymnasium.

 3. Costs

The Australian Government helps with the cost of your aged care home by providing funding. You may not have to pay all the aged care home fees and charges. Two payments are required at residential care homes: daily care fees and accommodation payments. Some fees are income tested and are determined by the Australian Government. 

If you require financial information, contact Centrelink for free advice. If you require more advice contact an independent financial advisor. 

For more information on the costs of aged care at Kew Gardens, click here.

4. Apply for your care home

Once your ACAT assessment has been approved, you can start applying for aged care homes. If you are applying for permanent residence, you may be required to pay an accommodation fee. You are required to complete the “Request for an Assets Assessment” form and submit it to Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink, to see if you qualify for the Australian Government subsidy. 

When you apply for aged care residences, they will contact you if there is a place for you, however, sometimes you may be required to go on a waiting list.

At Kew Gardens, we have an extensive range of accommodation and amenities.

5. Move in 

When you have accepted a place at your chosen aged care facility, you will be required to fill out some paperwork. A resident agreement will be offered to you before you move in. Before you sign the formal agreement, you may want to seek advice from a legal representative, your financial adviser, family or friends. 

The residential care home will also provide you with information about what you might want to bring, their services, meal times and events. Once you have settled into your home, the staff will discuss your care requirements and develop a personalised care plan for you. 

Every aged care facility has their own application process. If you are applying to Kew Gardens, please contact us on (03) 9261 8600. For more information, see our FAQs page.

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