Artistic Living at Kew Gardens Aged Care

Living with purpose is not just the mantra at Kew Gardens Aged Care, but the lifestyle. It’s the core value and care philosophy implemented by the enthusiastic lifestyle department, led by Karen Millar.

Earlier this year, some extremely talented residents of Kew Gardens demonstrated their motivation for art with an exhibition at the facility. The show featured many creative paintings, writing pieces, books, quilting, and beautiful crafts.

Art therapy can allow the expression of complex thoughts and emotions, it can also help to alleviate anxiety and depression, improve motor skills and encourage socialising.

At Kew Gardens it’s observed that activities such as painting and sculpting can help keep the mind sharp and promote dexterity in a relaxed, fun, social and casual setting.

The recent exhibition was a wonderful forum for the residents to not only showcase their works but discuss the motivation and rationale that sat behind them. The pride and joy that shone from the artists’ faces, as they discussed their individual pieces, brightened the entire room.

It was a very popular event drawing a large crowd that consisted of residents, staff and their families. All the guests expressed genuine awe about the talent that was on display.

Purpose in life and living with a motivated attitude underpins Kew Gardens’ approach to residential aged care and is fundamental to the creation of a sense of belonging and ultimate wellbeing. Through their art therapy and this exhibition, many residents’ souls could communicate again with creative purpose!

Jan 19, 2023